We are a support group run by and for stroke survivors and carers in Hull and the East Riding.

Turned Our Family’s Life Upside Down

When My Husband had a very bad stroke it turned our family’s life upside down, not knowing were our life would was heading with all my husband’s health problems I felt isolated caring for him on my own not seeing any family members or friends. Until we started going to two different stroke groups meeting people making new friends the stroke groups helps us to be able to get out of our four walls of our home we learnt to laughter fun mixing with others who have been through the same situations as ourselves has given both my husband and myself freedom and confidence and having support and people to speak to when we feel at a low time. The group has given my husband a reason to keep fighting and life worth living and accepting has disability’s he was left with after this stroke his speech has improved to a bit better with all the encouragement from the group members and a well worth thing we did joining the stroke groups.

By Sue Oliver

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