We are a support group run by and for stroke survivors and carers in Hull and the East Riding.


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Howard and I just wanted to say "Thank you" to you, Cheryl, Alan and the rest of the Stroke Club Committee for all your hard work, and, the warm welcome we continue to receive at the Clubs monthly meetings. I cannot begin to express how much the Club means to us, and the positive effect it has made to both our lives.

Despite all the wonderful medical help we've received since Howard's stroke, last year, we were both feeling very 'lost' and couldn't see much of a future ahead of us. I'm sad to say there wasn't much to smile about. Things looked bleak.

But coming to the club has lifted both our spirits, and given us so much to look forward to (the meetings, outings, the interesting talks, information and advice and the chance to socialise again in a 'safe' environment, knowing that everyone there understands when Howard is having a 'bad day')

Plus, from a 'carers' point of view, I so much look forward to the laughter, all the 'cheeky' remarks and smiles at every meeting. I'm sure this is the best medicine ever, for both the stroke survivor and their carer. In fact Stroke Clubs like these should be funded on the NHS........cheaper, and a lot more fun, than anti-depressants (lol)

So thank you again, and... "Long live the Freedom Stroke Club"!

Kindest regards
Wendy & Howard

Stroke Survivors Event
I just wanted to thank you and the other members of the Freedom Stroke club for organising the wonderful event at the Freedom centre. Since having his stroke my husband finds crowds/gatherings intimidating but this event was organised with understanding of such issues and he was able to socialise with other stroke survivors. The support and help provided whilst we were there was invaluable, I was able to relax and enjoy myself! I also gathered at lot of very helpful information, discovering what support is available and significantly, I had a ‘health check’ which prompted me see my GP. It was great to be able to share experiences with other survivors and carers , so good to feel we are not alone in our struggles and invaluable in picking up tips for overcoming common issues.

Thank you so much
Judy Milner

Living and working in Hull I know how important it is for small community groups to meet up and be able to socialise over a cuppa. The Freedom Stroke Club is a great initiative, and a wonderful group. Just being able to meet and share experiences with people in a safe, secure, environment is a blessing, and groups such as this get my backing 100%. They are a valuable asset not just to those who have suffered, but to the community at large.

Mike Covell
Local historian, author, managing director of Amazing Hull Tours, and writer for the Hull Daily Mail.

Hull Freedom Stroke Group provides essential long-term peer support to stroke survivors, carers, family and friends.

They provide a friendly environment where people affected by stroke can receive the information, support and help they need at a time in their lives when they may feel vulnerable.

They also provide an opportunity for those who have been affected by stroke to rediscover skills, learn new skills, regain confidence, increase independence and socialise with other individuals who have had similar experiences.

In May this year the Freedom Stroke group arranged a Surviving Stroke Celebration event at Hull Freedom Centre. This was such a successful event, with over 120 amount of people attending. The Freedom Stroke support group managed to successfully gain Lottery funding to deliver this really beneficial event, by creating opportunities for stroke survivors to access information relating to health service provision. The event was supported by Hull CCG staff who felt the event offered such a wide variety of entertainment together with such a variety of useful information .

Christine Ebeltoft
Engagement Manager (Community)

Hello Cheryl. As you know, I started with the freedom stroke club as a volunteer with the British Red Cross, but the department was dissolved. The stroke club wanted me to stay on and I was happy to do so. The last few years have shown me how people cope with their problems,and with a smile on their faces, which is due to the stroke club. I wish to thank all members for making me feel part of their lives, the stroke club work very hard to help everyone and I am happy to be a member,also just recently, a Carer. Without the stroke club a lot of people would have nowhere to visit, and wouldn't get the information to assist them. The Freedom Stroke Club meetings is a happy place and long it may continue. Once again, I thank all of you.

Love from Jean,
Hannah's Hands.

I have Met with Alan Several times now, through the fantastic work of the Older Peoples Partnership Group. I was also lucky enough for Alan to invite me to come and meet all their Club members and have a chat about my service that I offer to hopefully come together at future dates.

The club (Family really) welcomed me with open arms I walked in to laughter and a friendly atmosphere, the work here that they all do is fantastic from offering support, days out, raising awareness or even just putting the world to rights over a brew. I hear their Stroke Event in May was an outstanding success and I hope they will be able to continue the fantastic work Alan and his team offer for the foreseeable future as the members would be lost without it!!

Elizabeth Lumby
Community Support Officer