We are a support group run by and for stroke survivors and carers in Hull and the East Riding.


An outline of our fundamental principles.

The Freedom Stroke Club was formed on 25th May 2012 and is run by and for the benefit of adult stroke survivors their carers and family members to offer help, friendship, support and empathy.

No official membership or membership fee is required. The club and its benefits will be available to all stroke survivors their carers or guests, regardless of colour, creed, gender, age. We are non-political.

The Freedom Stroke Club will have at least a chairman, treasurer and a secretary.

These positions must become vacant at every Annual General Meeting and the post filled by nominees seconded by members and voted for by means of show of hands. The officers positions will be filled by nominee who are present gaining the majority of votes.

Monies held by the Freedom Stroke Club shall be used for the benefit of the members and for projects decided by the members.

Any monies left over from the specific project shall be offered back to the donor.
In the event of the club folding funds held by the club shall be donated to a stroke related charity decided by members.

Signed by; Chair Alan Bowmaster
Signed by; Treasurer; Cheryl Rickles
Signed by; Secretary Rita Bateson

Dated 25th May 2012
Revised 1st May 2016